This Tutorial will walk you through adding additional L-WEB projects to your L-WEB applet, if you have not setup the 803 applet make sure you check out that guide first.


1. Create a New Project

Open the applet and tap the “New Connection” option at the top of the screen.


2. Enter your LINX info

Now you must enter the information the applet will use to connect to your lINX.


  • Enter the name for the project/device. This is for your reference only so name it however you like.
  • Enter the IP address of the linx you are trying to connect to. Just like the initial setup of the applet, if you want to connect to a device outside of your local network you will have to have the device ported out, in this case you would enter the outside IP address provided by your IT Administrator. If you only want to connect to the device via your local network enter your device’s internal IP address.
  • Leave the port blank unless told otherwise by your IT Administrator
  • Type in your L-WEB password, if you don’t know your graphics password contact us.
  • Tap on ‘Remember Password’ to allow you device to save your password and give you one-touch access to your project
  • In the ‘Graphical View’ Field simply tap on the list icon on the right. The applet will find any L-WEB projects on the device and let you choose if ther are more than one. If you have a iPhone designed L-WEB project then it will be listed with a ‘_iphone’ in the name select this one if availible. If you get an error make sure all of your connection settings are correct.

Once you entered all your settings and chosen the L-WEB file, tap ‘Ok’ to save an launch your project

3. Launch your L-WEB Project

Your Project has now been added to your device. When you launch the applet just tap on the project you want to load.