This Tutorial will walk through how to setup a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad
to allow you to access your LINX graphics project from anywhere.

If you have already added a project and you want to add another project to your app see this guide.

(Note: In order to access your site from outside your network, you will have to make sure that your LINX has been ported out to your network’s external IP. Contact your network administrator to see if your device is ported out and what your external IP address is)


1. Connect to the LINX

If you have the LINX ported out enter the outside IP address of your site.
If you do not have the LINX ported out make sure that you are connected to the same network as the LINX and that you are on the same subdomain, then enter your LINX’s internal IP address. If you do not know you LINX’s internal IP address contact us.

Note: In the example images we are using an interal IP address, if your device is ported out then your ip address will look more like this “”

2. Open L-WEB

When you connect to your device’s IP address click on the link on the left hand side that says “L-WEB”.
The device will ask you for a password. If you don’t know your username and password contact us.


When you enter your password you will see a list of L-WEB Projects on your LINX. Some sites may have multiple L-WEB projects for differnt campuses or sites running off the same LINX. You can add multiple projects from differnt LINX devices into the same applet later if you want. If you have an iPhone Designed L-WEB project it will be listed here with a “_iphone” in the name. Select this project if available.
Tap on the globe next to the project you would like to open.


3. Add L-WEB to your homescreen

The L-WEB project will load when you tap on the globe in the previous step. Once it has loaded you will see your site’s graphics.
Press and hold on the screen to bring up the menu, then select the “system” option at the bottom of the list.


This will bring up the system menu, select the “Project list” option at the top of the list


The Project List shows you all of the projects that you currently have loaded into the applet. In order to add the applet to your homescreen, tap on the share button at the bottom of the page.


Tap “Add to Home Screen” and create a name for the icon.


4. Opening your L-WEB Project

You now have the applet on your phone to access your linx project from anywhere. To launch your graphics tap on the icon and select your project.