One of the most common errors that our customers run into is the LWEB Loading Project Failed error. This is very quick and easy to fix and this tutorial will walk you through it.

This Error can occur on the iPhone/iPad applet as well on the Desktop Applet but the steps below will work for all platforms.

(Note: This guide will not help diagnose actual network issues so if yours is different from the picture below contact your network administrator.)

LWEB Error

This error occurs when the file containing your sites graphics has been updated either for bug fixes or to add new features. The error occurs because the applet does not know that an update has occured so it looks for the old files that no longer exist.
When you see the error and hit the ‘OK’ button, you will be redirected to the settings for your project.

Your Project's Settings page

Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the field labeled ‘Graphical View’. Click on the list icon in the right side of the field.
The Applet will go out on its own and find the latest graphics file.

The Updated Graphical View

Once the applet finds the latest file, click on ‘OK’ at the bottom of the page.
Your project should load like normal.

If you continue to have issues or run into a different error, contact us.