Product Partners

Circon/Efficient Building Automation (
Circon has been a partner with us since 1999. We have installed more of their product then anybody in the USA. The product line is 100% open LonWorks controllers.


Loytec (
Loytec is an Austrian company that has embraced the open nature of controls as completely as TBI. With Loytec on our team we can bring any open solution to the table. Lon, Bacnet, Zigbee, KNX, OPC, DALI, M-Bus, Modbus, and Cloud Services.



Yaskawa logo  Yaskawa (

We have been an authorized distributor of Yaskawa since 2016. We distribute Yaskawa HVAC Drives and parts.

Industry Partners

LonMark (
We have been a LonMark Member since 2002. We embrace the LonMark platform and fell strongly about LonMark being the original open platform in the controls industry.

80% of our installations are LNS powered jobs. With LNS you have all the tools necessary for a true open system platform.

We are Niagara AX certified. With our LYNX Spring platform we can service and install any Niagara powered system that may have or need.