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Full Service Building Automation

More and more buildings have multiple technology platforms with multiple operating systems. Your building may have one system for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) System. One system for lighting control. One system for CCTV (Security Cameras). And one system for Card Access. Maybe even a system for the sprinklers outside. A Total Building Integrations system is one that has only ONE system, which multiple platforms, seamless Silo migration, and one ultimate idea at the top. OPEN! We are not a controls company. We are not a lighting company. We are not a power company. We are not a security company.


Full Service Building Automation

Everything from HVAC to Card Access

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A Bit About Us

Our Story

We were founded in November of 2012 and opened our doors in Clearwater, Florida on January 1, 2013. Our core employees have been working together for over 16 years in the controls industry. Our President has been in the controls integration industry for over 22 years and in the mechanical field for over 32 years. He has sat on the LonMark Board of Directors and has designed, engineered and installed more open system projects in the southeast than just about anybody. He has been hired as an integration consultant for the Army Corp of Engineers, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Florida International Museum, Delta Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Saudia Airlines, Egypt Air, and major hospitals and medical facilities in the Tampa Bay Area. We have control systems installed in over 8 countries around the world and we still maintain and upgrade systems in over 200 gates and ground support equipment for the airline industries around the world. We have installed controls in over 50 schools in Osceola, Pinellas, and Polk Counties in Florida. We have installed more than 2000 controllers in hospitals, surgery centers, outpatient centers, and cancer treatment facilities. We are also Data Room experts. We can monitor all your critical environments and conditions and relay that information in seconds to anywhere in the world. No matter how big or small your project is, we can help.

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Building Automation System | Total Building Integrations Florida


Whether based in the web or locally installed, you will now have one dashboard for ALL of you building controls.  We call this one pane of glass and greatly simplifies building controls management.

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HVAC Control Systems Florida | Total Buidling Integrations

From time of day scheduling to filter warnings our HVAC automation controls will make sure that your AC is running when you need it, and save you energy at the same time.


Building Automation Systems (BAS) Controls

Our IP based CCTV solutions allow you to access your site's cameras from anywhere on your iOS or Android device while maintaining the necessary encryption to allow the footage to admissible in court.

Building Automation Controls Integrations BAS System

Card Access

Keep track of everyone going in and out of your building as well as dynamically set access levels on a card-by card basis.

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Whether your lighting is on a schedule, detects when the space is occupied, or both, automating your buildings lighting can help you save a ton on energy.

Energy Management Controls Integrations

From time of day scheduling to filter warnings our HVAC automation controls will make sure that your AC is running when you need it, and save you energy at the same time.

BAS Controls System, DDC Controls, Building and Energy Mangement System

Our Solutions

Solutions to problems don’t just appear out of thin air. Albert Einstein once said “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is insane.” Installing the same proprietary systems in multiple facets in your buildings or complexes and expecting them to all talk together based on multiple gateways and integrators that are specialized in one protocol or another is just as insane. We know OPEN Systems. We helped to develop many aspects of the OPEN system market. We know how to make all the technologies come together and without compromising price, value, or cutting edge technology. We do it all without locking you into security risks, major and expensive upgrades every year, or into a system that just flat doesn’t work or respond.

We carry the best brands on the market and can design and engineer a system tailored for your facility. We are a Honeywell WEBS AX ACS, LOYTEC Integrator, Circon/EBAC Integrator, and Visualint CCTV Dealer. We also carry multiple web based smart thermostats and metering solutions. We pride ourselves in saying that there is nothing we can’t control or integrate in your building, campus, or world. Heck, we have been controlling the temperature of thousands of aircraft a day when they are sitting at the gate waiting for you to board. We have been doing that for over 14 years. We guarantee if you have flown in America or Canada since 1999 on any major airline, we have controlled your environment while you were on the ground.




Again, solutions don’t just appear. They are designed, engineered, and expertly implemented. Let us help you find a solution for your building integration issues.

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Rick and his team listened to our current situation then asked detailed questions to understand our needs.  When they came back they had designed a solution that was cost-effective and had an ROI that paid for the system in less than two years.  Their implementation was flawless and the training thorough yet efficient.  Their support has been outstanding.  A truely professional crew!

Randy W.

Energy Management Controls Integrations Florida

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SERVICE AREA - Our on-site service is mainly based in the state of Florida, but we can go across the country.

Our online services can be reached anywhere in the world.

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