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TBI Custom Team Viewer Client installation guide

Welcome we have a custom TeamViewer software that allows us to provide technical support from anywhere in the world! Just follow the steps below

1. Download

Click here or use the button below, to download the software. If you are running Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge make sure you click ‘yes’ at the bottom of the screen.





2. Run the installer

Once the installer has downloaded run the installer by double-clicking the file. Either from within your browser or in the downloads folder on your computer. You will get this message:




Click run.

After a few moments you will see this dialog box:



Click the next button
When you see this dialog choose Company/Commercial use:




3. Name your computer

When you see this window pop up enter a name for the computer you are using. Choose something descriptive as this is the name we will see when we are trying to find your computer to give you support. In the password field enter something you will remember so you can give us the password when we need to get in.

When you see this message, click the ‘Finish’ button




Finally when asked if you would like to grant Rick Joyner remote access click ‘Allow and Finish’

That’s it. Now your computer is set up for remote tech support. Your computer will appear in our database, just make sure you have the password you entered in step 3 handy the first time we log-in to the computer.

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